Fanfic - Another Life (GomAiri)

Another Life.
SKE48; 1,976 words; AU/Drama; GomAiri, light mentions of other pairings.
‘You want to fool around?’

A/N: Here’s another request fic (I seem to be doing a lot lol) from Yanyan~ who asked for a GomAiri fic. I’m really sorry that it took this long to write it out! It just took me a while to write a story that I didn’t wanna scrap half-way through but now it’s done! I hope you enjoy it~ (Now it’s time for me to write 2 more requests before rotting alone) Rabbitbba hearts youuuuu~ Kyukyu!

As always, please try to ignore my awful grammar/spelling. Enjoy.

Another life.

“It’s really happening isn’t it?”

There’s a twinge of melancholy laced in her casual tone but Furukawa Airi doesn’t comment on it and sips on her beer. The world was coming to an end and humanity and all life as they know it will cease to exist. It sort of made Airi wonder what was the point of all the things she did.

The older girl gives Ogiso Shiori a comforting bump to the shoulders, hoping to shake the melancholy out of the girl –and in a way, out of herself. Airi wanted to scoff at her own naivety, there’s no way of getting rid of the sadness that hung in the air. They were all going to die in four days’ time –how stupid.

“Just drink and don’t think about it.”

“Don’t think about it?” scoffs Shiori, incapable in holding her disbelief back. Airi shrugged, taking a large gulp out of her half-empty beer before slamming it back down onto her table. The other girl watched a bit impressed (with how quickly Airi can drink), waiting for an answer.

“I know, stupid.”

“You think?”

Airi giggled, her eyes gleaming before they tore their gaze away from Shiori and directed their attention to her photo-filled walls. Pictures of every cherishing moment in her life hung on her walls as constant reminders. Airi wanted to snort –the saying ‘my life flashing before my eyes’ has never been so literal until now.

“What do you think the others are doing?”

Airi quirked a brow at the young girl’s question a bit confused as she stared at Shiori who only stared back with honest eyes. “What do you mean?”

“I mean the others… Jurina, Kumi, Masana –wonder what they’re doing in their last moments.”

Airi always knew Shiori was a kind-hearted person. Not to say that she never wondered about the others but there is a difference to wondering in silence and wondering out loud.

She peered down at her can of beer, a sudden weight pressing down against her chest and shoulders. They were really going to die. The reality of it never felt so…

Airi frowned and finished off her beer in a long chug. She finished with a very unlady-like belch but she’s never been very girly from the start. She could tell Shiori wanted to say something but she beat her to it,

“They’re probably doing the same thing as us.”


“Would you still have been an idol if you knew the world was going to end?”

It’s a silly question, one of those weird you-think-you’re-being-deep kinds of questions. Airi lets herself indulge in the silliness –answers, “Yeah, probably” and watches Shiori quirk up a brow. She knows the younger girl is begging to ask why; it’s painted all over that cute face of hers.

“The world is going to end sooner or later. It just so happened to be sooner.”

It’s a bleak answer. It gives off the vibe that life was pointless and that they were all just going along with the ride until either they get off the ride themselves or life kicks them off. She didn’t mean to make things feel darker than it already is and tacks on, “Besides, I’d do anything to see Rena and be close to her” in the end.

She thinks that Shiori likes to question every answer that she gives. It’s most likely because the world is ending and she’s acting incredibly cavalier about the situation but Airi still feels a little annoyed. She didn’t particularly like being put under the microscope, it’s not like she’s hiding anything.

She’s not, there’s no point.

“I figured that was just played up for the cameras.”

Shiori said it, quiet and meek almost as if she didn’t want the words to come out offensive. Either way it’s a bit rude and Airi thinks it’s hilarious too. She laughs, loud and hard that she loses grip on her third can of beer and it spills onto the floor.

It takes about three minutes for Airi to stop laughing, one minute to clean up her mess and a few seconds to let it all sink in again.

“Half the time it was. The other half… I really liked her you know.”

“She liked you too.”

“As a friend.”

“Isn’t that ho-…oh.”

Airi smiles at Shiori’s realization. It was cute just how innocent the girl was (or at least portrayed herself). She teasingly pushes the girl by the shoulders and drives her out of her stumped stupor,

“Isn’t it the same for you and Yukko? Don’t act all innocent.”

Shiori cheeks flushed with pink at the mention of Yukiko. The girl who unconventionally became Shiori’s best friend always did get her heart to thunder just beneath her chest.

“I wasn’t trying to be innocent.”

It came out in a mumbled mutter. Airi thought it might have been because Shiori was annoyed but later realized it was just out of shy admittance. Shiori was definitely too cute.

“Are you going to see her later?”

“I don’t know. “

A seconds pause and Airi asks, “Do you like her –that way?

Shiori gave her a shy smile, her words naked and honest, “I don’t know.”


“You want to fool around?”

Shiori nearly chokes on her drink, coughs as she tries to wipe the dribble off her face. Airi can’t help but laugh and Shiori in a mild outrage, throws whatever is in her hand and shouts, That wasn’t funny!”

Airi giggles and holds her hands up in surrender. It eases the other girl out of her anger and leaves her with irritation instead. The older of the two watches as Shiori dabs her clothes, trying to get rid of the beer before it stains.

She sidles up beside her and takes a napkin to help Shiori get rid of the alcohol on her clothes. In the silence, Airi smirks playfully and quietly mutters, “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d react that way.”

Shiori shoots her a glare, “Any normal person would react the way I did.”

Airi chuckles, “Yeah, I guess they would.”



“You know I always thought you’d like Churi more than Rena.”

“Why would you say that?”

It’s not that she’s trying to deny or verify anything with Akane. It’s just that Airi was simply curious, she was always curious of the other member’s perspective of things. Airi could go for Akane if she wishes but she just really likes Rena currently –then –whatever! She just has horse blinds on when it came to the older Matsui.

“Well, you’re just so…relaxed around her.”

Airi chuckles, “She’s my best friend.” It came off as if she was dismissing Shiori’s idea of her and Akane’s possibility. She didn’t mean to do that or maybe she did but it didn’t seem to matter much anyway. She was going to see Akane sometime before the world ended, maybe they’ll get rid of the possibility and just go for it.

Although, there’s another person that has potential and she’s sitting right next to her at the moment. Airi grins and knows it’s lecherous –the beer is really starting to hit her.

“I’m relaxed with you too.”

Shiori doesn’t respond and Airi is left feeling awkward.


“I didn’t mean to sound sleazy.”

“I’m sure.”

The short answers are usually a sign that things aren’t alright. Airi shifts in her seat, running her thumb along the edge of the can and occasionally stealing glances at her companion. She didn’t want Shiori to be upset, didn’t want to leave Shiori on bad terms and decided it was best to apologize.

But she never does.

“Do you really mean it?”

Airi is taken back and looks at the girl trying to find any indication of drunkenness, playful teasing, anything but found none. All Airi saw was just Shiori’s wide brown eyes staring at her, waiting for an answer.

“What do you mean?”

She stares at Airi a little longer before scoffing to herself. It leaves Airi a little confused and a little lost at what just happened but mostly it leaves her with worry. Shiori takes a sip of her beer and stares out at the sky that is turning orange. The sun’s going down.

“What do you mean?” asks Airi again, pushing for an answer. They stare at each other, neither tearing their gazes away. Airi prying and Shiori… well, Airi’s not so sure.

It’s a second before Shiori tears her gaze away, a coy smile painting her face as she takes a large swig from her beer. When she’s done, she places the nearly empty can down on the table, her coy smile still on her face.


Shiori kisses her.


“What was that all about?”

Shiori shrugs and lets out a smile. Airi stares at them for a while, just a few moments ago those lips were on hers. It’s not to say they were unpleasant but it just came as a surprise.

“I just wanted to see what it was like, kissing you.”

“You could have at least given me a heads up…” muttered Airi.

Shiori snorted and took a sip from her drink (juice) before retorting, “Oh, I’m sorry. Am I supposed to say ‘Hey, Airi I’m gonna kiss you now so be prepared!’ How awkward is that?”

Airi didn’t reply. It is true, it’d be incredibly awkward and she’s pretty sure they wouldn’t be in this some-what comfortable atmosphere if Shiori did let Airi know she was going to kiss her. Still, just because she didn’t like being surprised like this… she should get over it.

There’s not much to do. What’s done is done and quite honestly, it wasn’t all that bad. Shiori had nice lips.

“Well… What was it like? Kissing me?”

Shiori stared just for a second and in that second Airi could have sworn she saw something. A moments glimmer of something before it disappeared into a smile,

“Maybe in another life, we’d be together.”


“I’m going home, it got pretty late.”

“Be careful on your way back. Lunatics are everywhere.”

She heard the younger girl give out a small grunt of acknowledgement. Airi chuckled at that. It was cute how Shiori was too focused on putting on her shoes than paying attention to her warnings.

“What are you going to do tomorrow?”

Shiori didn’t respond, not until she slipped on her left shoe and tapped the toe to the ground so it’d fit right. “Maybe I’ll go see Yukko.”

Airi grinned, playfully teasing, “Are you going to kiss her too?”

“Will you be jealous?” The pretenses of humor between two good friends vanished like humanity will. There was no smile on Shiori’s face, just solid round brown eyes peering into her looking for an answer.

Airi loved Shiori, she loved all her friends, family and members. It’s just who Airi is, except there are a few who she loves a little bit more than others.

“Maybe in another life.”

The silence hung over them, overwhelming and suffocating but then Shiori smiled, wide and genuine. The heavy air between them gone and replaced with ease as the younger of the two playfully pushed Airi by the shoulders.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“I still gotta see Churi and Rena.”

She heard the young girl snort and teasingly remarked, ‘cocky-prick’ before following Shiori out the door to the balcony halls of her apartment complex. They stared out into the darkness and saw the end.

“Be safe on your way home.”

Shiori nodded, waved goodbye before turning on her heels and walking down the hall. She paused for a second and turned around, a question spilling from her lips. It made Airi laugh and nod and tease before responding to the silly question with an assured answer.

In another life, right?

Of course, stupid.